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Zero Tolerance to Child Labor

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Human Rights

As part of our Social Responsibility Policy, we are committed with the principles of the Global Pact and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which highlight the following:

  • Principle 1: supporting and respecting the protection of fundamental human rights, universally recognized, within our sphere of influence.
  • Principle 2: ensuring that our companies are not complicit with the violation of human rights.
  • Principle 3: supporting freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • Principle 4: supporting the elimination of any kind of forced labor or labor under coercion.
  • Principle 5: supporting the eradication any type of child labor.
  • Principle 6: supporting the abolishment of discriminatory labor and employment practices.

For that reason, in 2018 we began a corporate diagnosis of risks and impacts of human rights (due diligence) in order to launch the Human Rights Action Plan of PETROPERÚ.

Likewise, we have made progress with the following actions:

Zero Tolerance to Child Labor

We reject every form of child labor and forced labor both in our organization as in those of our contractors and subcontractors. This is established in our both, corporate policies and procedures. In the social responsibility policy, one of the commitments is to “eradicate any form or relationship with Labor, forced labor and exclusion criteria in the hiring of workers and suppliers ethnic diversity, civil or family status, gender, race or religion and any other characteristic supported by law”.

Also, as PETROPERÚ is a member of ARPEL, we make a commitment to promote and support the protection of the rights of both, children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean. And, as part of the Global Pact and in compliance with its Principle 5: “Companies must support the eradication of child labor”, we needed to implement a number of actions:


i. Control in the Hiring Procedures

We have approved hiring procedures in which we include the prohibition of minors, as well as the facial verification according to RENIEC for each one of the applicants.

  • Local Hiring Procedure in Emergencies in the Forest
  • Local Hiring Procedure in Land Clearing and Early Warning System

Facial verification carried out before hiring.

ii. Sign-posting regarding non-hiring of minors

We have implemented specific signage stating the prohibition of the hiring of minors in both Spanish and native languages such as Awajuan in each and all the contingencies sites of the North Peruvian Pipeline.

Sign-posting on the prohibition of hiring of minors in Morona, Loreto. Sign-posting on the prohibition of hiring of minors in Chiriaco, Amazonas.


Inclusion of Human Rights Clauses in Contracts with Suppliers

The terms and contracts derived from the hiring process of goods include human rights clauses related to a proper environmental management, labor practices and human rights matters, which must be met by the supplier in order to hire with PETROPERÚ.

Set closes are framed in the following dispositions and guidelines issued by PETROPERÚ:

  • Code of Corporate Governance
  • Social Responsibility Policy
  • Community Issues Policy
  • Manual M-040, Basic Safety and Environmental Protection Rules for Contractors
  • Integrity Code
  • Integral Management Policy for Quality, Environment and Workplace Health and Safety
  • Corporate Policy on Information Safety
Unannounced Inspections on Labor Conditions in the North Peruvian Pipeline (NPP)

In order to monitor the labor conditions of our contractors, measured their performance and gather evidence in that regard, we have prepared and send to all areas of the operations management of the North Peruvian Pipeline, an evaluation format stating labor conditions that contractors must meet to all. Similarly, we have requested to include the following text in the clauses of obligations of the contractor in the contracts:

“To provide the conditions for the personnel designated by PETROPERÚ for any random and unannounced evaluation of the labor conditions of the personnel of the contractors”.

Freedom of Association

There are 12 union organizations that gather 1901 workers at a national level and which represent 76.2% of the labor force. In order to maintain a solid relationships with them, keep improving their work conditions and answer their labor vindications, we enter into acts and collective agreements with 100% of that union members. In turn, all of our workers are free to willingly enter into such agreements.

Talks on Human Rights for Communities

In 2017, as part of the «Caring for my community» action line, workshops and talks aimed at the community related to the rights of children and adolescents, family violence, human trafficking as well as sexual and reproductive education benefited 3102 people including children, parents and teachers.