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Sustainability Report

Zero Tolerance to Child Labor

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Main Social Projects

In 2009 we approved 10 lines of social action, eight of which are related to the neighboring populations:

Educating for Tomorrow

For PETROPERÚ, the prosperity and the true development of a country depend on the education that its peoples reach; therefore, aware of the educational inequality that still exists in Peru, and with the backing of the good results obtained in previous years, we reaffirm our commitment to continue educating our workers and the community in search of constant learning and generation of new opportunities.

In 2017, as part of an agreement with SENATI, scholarships were offered to study for three years, in specialties such as: Automotive Mechanics (20 students); Controller of machines and industrial processes (20 students); Industrial Electrician (20 students); Technician in Work Safety and Risk Prevention (10 students); Maintenance Mechanics (20 students); and Design of Metallic Structures and Civil Construction (20 students).

Out of the First Class, according to the monitoring of SENATI, 67% of the graduates have a job in various companies at the national level, which has allowed them to improve their quality of life and that of their families.

In addition, 62,549 tool kits were distributed in the nearby towns of Talara, Conchan, Oleoducto and Iquitos.

Our main actions are oriented at:

  • School education
    • Improvement of reading comprehension and math
    • Teacher training
    • Reinforcement classes
    • Distribution of school supplies and first aid kits
    • Infrastructure
  • College and Technical Education
    • Scholarships for pre-professional, professional and technological internships
    • Study scholarships for remarkable students
  • Master classes, Seminars and Conferences
Investment (soles) Beneficiaries (estimated number)
  2012 8,315,410.45   2012 81,675
2013 17,866,013.05 2013 78,391
2014 8,466,824.02 2014 53,701
2015 5,574,974.89 2015 38,455
2016 5,156,995.07 2016 21,524
2017 6,884,450.63 2017 66,856

 Projects and Activities

  • Distribution of school supplies in Conchan

We delivered over 8000 school kits to children in initial, primary and secondary levels in different schools in the districts of Villa El Salvador and Luring.


  • Distribution of school supplies in the North Peruvian Pipeline

We delivered school kits to nearly 30,000 children of 434 schools in 309 communities and settlements in the area of influence of the North Peruvian Pipeline (NPP) As a result, now they can carry out their curriculum activities without problems and therefore strengthen their learning.


  • Implementation of libraries in the North Peruvian Pipeline – Tunguska

Over 600 students of the Puerto Tunguska educational institution now have a school library that will help them in their school work. This will also be very useful for the teachers, who may enrich their classes with the information found in the books held in the library.


  • Technical training for low-income youths in Talara

In collaboration with the National Training Service in Industrial Work (Senati), the second class of the technical training program commenced classes. They are 11 young people who are studying a fully-funded technical career thanks to the program.

Together for the Environment

We are interested in raising awareness and training our stakeholders on the importance of both, protecting the environment and recycling, as well as the impact that this may generate in our lifes. To that end, we carried out:

  • Awareness-raising activities on environmental care for the population in general and at schools
  • Waste Management Programs
  • Artistic expression contests on Environmental Topics
  • Talks and Conferences on Environmental topics
  • Beach-clean-up-Campaigns
  • Recycling Companies
  • Participative Environmental Monitoring Program
Investment (soles) Beneficiaries (estimated number)
  2012 260,112.90   2012 4,705.00
2013 234,772.81 2013 15,714.00
2014 272,613.60 2014 16,267.00
2015 155,099.47 2015 11,964.00
2016 190,544.46 2016 3,715.00
2017 469,948.19 2017 32,452
  •  Clean points in Talara

21 clean points have been installed in institutions in order to properly manage the segregation of solid waste in both, students and inhabitants of Talara.

  • Training in environmental monitoring

Along with the Environmental Resources Management (ERM) consulting firm and the Futuro Sostenible NGO, we carried out the training program for environmental monitors of the communities surrounding the contingencies of the North Peruvian Pipeline (NPP). 108 monitors out of 98 communities participated.

For a Better Quality of Life

Another priority program for PETROPERÚ is the physical and mental health both of our workers and their families, as well as the population and communities neighboring t our operations. The latter sometimes live in conditions of extreme poverty and have very limited access to a health system. That is why we carried out:

  • Medical services in our stations of the North Peruvian pipeline
  • Medical campaigns
  • Training health promoters
  • Sports championship
  • Demonstrative talks
Investment (soles) Beneficiaries (estimated number)
  2012 559,100.97   2012 32,497
2013 736,611.63 2013 32,742
2014 1,180,745.24 2014 37,950
2015 334,247.60 2015 22,258
2016 4,255,040.92 2016 31,892
2017 1,751,572.69 2017 17,452
  • Medical campaigns in Talara

Different medical campaigns carried out in the settlements neighboring the Talara Refinery have benefited over 3,000 locals.

Making Way

As part of our sustainable development strategy, in the places where we operate, we promote the creation of business initiatives through the promotion and execution of human, social and business management development activities. We aim to improve the quality of life of these inhabitants of the nearby communities in order to improve their quality of life as well as to generate additional income opportunities.

  • Strengthening capabilities
  • Women in action Program
  • Entrepreneurial Youths Program
Investment (soles) Beneficiarios (número estimado)
  2012 981,076.88   2012 6,617
2013 318,268.81 2013 3,237
2014 114,592.00 2014 1,357
2015 156,142.00 2015 594
2016 336,330.00 2016 275
2017 233,662.60 2017 495
  •  Artisan, Gastronomic and Handicraft Fair in Talara

After training and certifying 80 low-income-women from Talara in marine handicrafts, jewelry, crochet and astronomy, the “Artisan, Gastronomic and Handicraft Fair” took place in Piura. Women were able to showcase what they had learned.

  • Training in handicrafts

In 2017, 87 participants participated of the chambira, aguaje, huambe and wingo handicrafts workshops, which allowed them to improve their technical capabilities.

Caring for Our Community

One of our primary axis is to promote and maintain a culture of peace in the neighboring communities .To that end, we promote the strengthening of both values, citizenship and respect of human rights, aiming at improving the resolution of conflicts and eradicating family violence against women, children and teenagers. In order to achieve this, we work the following action lines:

  • Human rights program
  • Community labor
  • Signing agreements
Investment (soles) Beneficiaries (estimated number)
  2012 157,520   2012 4,344
2013 4,954,216.54 2013 10,598
2014 12,791,481.44 2014 3,039
2015 5,829,789.50 2015 9,995
2016 9,246,517.38 2016 6,840
2017 269,741.96 2017 3,684


We are Caring

For PETROPERÚ, to be caring means to look for the well-being of society. To that end, to help actions, social activities, solidarity campaigns and civic participation throughout the year we continue to strengthen the bonds of solidarity and integration between both, our workers and the low-income populations of our different operations.

  • Christmas program Awakening Smiles
  • Support of homes, clinics and institutions
  • Caring campaigns
  • Civic actions
Investment (soles) Beneficiaries (estimated number)
  2012 865,766.77   2012 19,006
2013 1,589,575.85 2013 37,143
2014 1,063,851.80 2014 27,050
2015 561,099.76 2015 31,537
2016 361,529.80 2016 20,756
2017 9,651,183.38 2017 138,722


Culture for All

A country without culture is a country with no identity. With that in mind and since the beginning, we have developed, at both the internal and external level, programs aimed at strengthening and expanding the cultural manifestations of Peru, as well as communicating international artistic manifestations.

We sponsored and promote recitals, presentations, concerts, talks, conferences, seminars and expositions of renowned people in the world of the art and letters, both in our facilities as in urban and urban-marginal cultural sites.

  • Copé Award
  • Master conferences
  • Cultural rescue
  • Artistic shows and cultural activities
Investment (soles) Beneficiaries (estimated number)
  2012 1,060,486.07   2012 33,795
2013 1,398,843.88 2013 10,175
2014 866,670.55 2014 7,403
2015 923,111.32 2015 5,316
2016 1,533,181.99 2016 243,873
2017 1,192,212.29 2017 22,537


Knowing the Industry

We want the population to know us as a company and as an industry. To that end, we opened our doors to educational institutions to show them what the different processes of the hydrocarbon industry are. This is done through:

  • Guided tours to our facilities
  • The Oil Museum
  • Publishing of educational material