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Dialogue Panels with the Stakeholders

In order to receive feedback on the sustainability management of our operations, since 2012, dialogue panels have been held, in which we interact with key representatives of our stakeholders for each of the axes of our sustainability strategy.

In 2018, the workshops were held at the Conchán, Selva and Talara refineries, at the Pipeline Sub-Division, and at the Main Office.

The dialogue panel is composed of workshops, surveys and interviews, which aim to:

  • Communicate the Sustainability Report
  • Promote camaraderie and trust among working groups
  • Get to know the perception of the participants regarding the sustainability management of the Company
  • Deepen the analysis of materiality based on the importance that stakeholders assign to matters associated with the Company.

These activities were carried out successfully with the participation of a hundred people, including representatives of educational institutions, municipalities, neighborhood associations, suppliers, workers, and entities such as the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Ministry of Energy and Mines and Osinergm.

Dialogue panel in Iquitos

Dialogue panel in the Conchan Refinery

Dialogue panel in the Headquarters of PETROPERÚ