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Corporate Management Integrated System

The SIG-C is is the tool that allows corporate management to protect the environment, the prevention of accidents and the deterioration of health at work and the satisfaction of the needs of our customers



  • We managed to standardize, simplify, optimize and enhance in a simple and visible way the efficacy and effectiveness of all our operational and administrative processes.
  • It takes advantage of existing synergies by avoiding unnecessary duplication of functions, responsibilities, documents and resources, reducing efforts, time and budget for implementation and maintenance.
  • The amount of documents has been significantly reduced, on average up to 82% at the manual level and 64% at the procedural level.
  • In terms of standardization of planning criteria, organization and optimization of time and resources assigned to the process of internal audits, as well as in the maintenance of certifications that have been optimized from 17 to 3 certifications.
  • The overall vision of integrated management has been improved and our performance enhanced.
  • We have the best planning, risk management and decision-making tool, as well as a powerful means of communication and interaction with our stakeholders, which allows us a competitive advantage.