The oil industry and its derivatives are composed by very highly specialized activities such as the crude oil refining to obtain the derivatives used as fuel.

PETROPERÚ had since its foundation -24 July 1969-, importance in the economy of the country. It successfully overcame the great challenges given by the political, administrative and macroeconomic conditions.

Just created the company, it had to deal with a challenge that defined its profile: to operate and maintain almost all the complex oil industry in the country with its own staff and without the technical support of the international oil community, which refused to cooperate because a process of nationalization was being performed in the country.

The result confirmed the ability of Peruvian workers, technicians and professionals, who managed to supply permanently and sustainably the national demand of fuels. Thus, a supply crisis was prevented.

History of PETROPERÚ The oil self-sufficiency is gradually achieved, thanks to the historical discoveries of the deposits in the northern jungle and the construction of the impressive work of engineering which constitutes the North Peruvian Pipeline.

PETROPERÚ conquered and maintained the leadership in the lubricants market, which entered with own technology, in direct competition with prestigious international brands.

We are the most important state company of Peru. We have positioned ourselves as the pioneer, leader and emblematic company of the country. Since our foundation, we have complied with the enormous responsibility to supply fuel to the entire national territory, and to maintain a policy of continuous improvement and environmental protection as part of the sustainable development strategy.