Superplus Gasoline

The fuel designed for use in spark-ignition and internal combustion engines in vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles, among many others. Obtained from the naphta of direct distillation, which is the lightest liquid fraction of oil, and its mixture of hydrocarbons is in the approximate range of five carbon atoms (C5) to eleven carbon atoms (C11).

The PETROPERÚ gasolines are formulated with last generation multifunctional additives that guarantee the continued cleanliness of the engine. This increases the life time of the engine and favors it maximum performance.

PETROPERÚ, a leading company in the hydrocarbons sector, produces and sells in the national market gasolines of different octanes that are differentiated by their coloring:

Superplus Regular Gasoline

Superplus Premium Gasoline

Superplus 97 Gasoline

Superplus 95 Gasoline

Superplus 90 Gasoline

Superplus 84 Gasoline

The PETROPERÚ gasolines meet the mandatory technical specifications of Peru and keep in accordance with the ASTM D-4814 international standards of the (American Society for Testing and Materials), and SAE J-312, of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Through Supreme Decree No. 014-2022-EM, the mandatory use and commercialization at the national level of Regular and Premium Gasoline and Gasohols for automotive use was established as of January 1, 2023.

For more information, regarding the new national regulations in force, review Frequently Asked Questions.


Technical characteristics of the Super Plus gasoline
  • Clear and bright aspect.
  • Great power for the excellent calorific power.
  • Carefully balanced volatility that allows for a better engine ignition.
  • The octane is chosen based on the requirements of each vehicle according to the user manual.
  • Has a minimum sulphur content to prevent corrosion problems and deposits in the fuel system and engine parts.
  • Contains  last-generation additives whose detergent, anticorrosive and dispersant qualities allow the entire fuel system of the engine to be kept clean. This means an economic saving on maintenance expenses.
  • This high efficiency additives contribute to protect the environment, as they reduce the emission of contaminating gasses and unburnt hydrocarbons.
  • Automotive: Automobiles, trucks and minor machinery.
  • In Peru, the gasolines are sold only in the departments of Amazonas, Loreto, Madre de Dios, San Martin and Ucayali.