Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-professional and Professional Internships

Every year, PETROPERU carries out its internship program, targeted to students and graduates from Universities and/or Institutes to carry out pre-professional, professional or technological internships.

The call is set every year in mid- September. Those interested should be nominated by their corresponding Universities or Institutes, who certify applicants educational status

The requirements to participate in the selection process is the following:

Pre-professional Internships

  • The Pre-professional Internship program at PETROPERU is tailored to Undergraduate Students currently undertaking the last two semesters of their Undergraduate Programs.

Professional Internships (University and Technological)

  • Having conclude studies, at most, the year before the call.
  • Not having got an internship for 12 months.
  • Not having passed the bar exam

PETROPERU, simultaneously, carries out the selection process in each of its operational units (Talara, Piura, Iquitos, Conchan and Lima). These are done once a year, during the third quarter of the year before the one in which the internships will take place.

Requirements to be a supplier

n order to participate in the tenders carried out by PETROPERU, the supplier must review the Rules of Acquisitions and Hirings of PETROPERU, the Rules and Procedure of International Acquisitions and Hirings of PETROPERU and the Yearly Plan of Acquisitions and Hirings – PAAC, or visit the following link.

List of prices

The information related to the list of prices is classified by plant and by product:

List of fuels

  • Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Gasoline super extra 97 SP
  • Gasoline super 95 SP
  • Gasoline super 90 SP
  • Gasoline 84 SP
  • Kerosene
  • Biodiesel B2
  • Industrial N° 6
  • Industrial N° 500

Marine fuels

  • Marine diesel N° 2
  • IFO - 380
  • IFO - 180
  • IFO - 80

Aviation fuels

  • Aviation gasoline 100 LL
  • Turbo JET A-1

List of asphalts

  • Asphaltic cement – pavement solid
  • Liquid paving asphalt

Chemical products

  • Solvent N° 1
  • Solvent N° 3
  • Naphtenic acid 250

The information can be downloaded by clinking here.

Employment opportunity

If you are interested in employment opportunities in PETROPERU, you can leave your employment request and your resume and others in the document reception of your main office, located in Enrique Canaval Moreyra Avenue 150, San Isidro.

You may also register through this link. The information will be received by our Human Resources Department.

Company Information

By entering the Transparency portal of our company, you may download documents such as:

  • Strategic plan, financial statements, financial indicators, investments
  • Budgetary framework: general balance, profit and loss, income and expenses, cash flow
  • Acquisitions and hirings
  • Related documents