Lot 64: facing the future

Another of Petroperú's major activities is the operation of Lot 64, located in the Datem del Marañón district (Loreto) intended to “produce the light oil reserves discovered in the Situche Central Field.”

To date, Petroperú is carrying out the Development Environmental Impact Study (EIS). Once this is approved and the installation works for the production facilities have been completed, in the first phase work will be done on the early production of the Situche Central Field, where a flow of 10,000 barrels per day is estimated. Then, development wells will be drilled to maximize oil recovery and therefore the production of the lot. Finally, an exploratory well will be drilled that seeks to increase the reserves discovered in this deposit.

Considering these projects, Petroperú will hold a forthcoming call to search for potential partners for the joint operation in the development of the deposit and to evaluate other potential geological structures present in the block.