Solvent N° 1

Solvent N° 1 is an aliphatic solvent made by PETROPERÚ in the Talara and Conchan refineries. As it is obtained through distillation and refinery operations, it presents great chemical stability, resistance to rust and a pleasant smell.

Considered a medium-distillation range solvent, it is a product with high flammability, with a clear aspect and clear of matter in suspension.

Technical characteristicss

  • Clear and bright aspect, free of water and impurities.
  • Excellent solvent power.
  • Controlled volatility.
  • Medium distillation range, with a minimum of losses by evaporation.
  • Great chemical stability that prevents it from rusting.
  • Characteristic smell.


  • Is a selective solvent used by the rubber industry . It’s used in the formulation of cements and rubber adhesives, both for uses in plant as for general use too. This includes rubber solutions in solvents and resins, which are used as agglomerating compounds in the manufacturing of shoes and textiles. Also applied to the manufacturing of tires for the laminating of synthetic and natural rubbers.
  • In the manufacturing of rubber items by immersion, such as gloves, toys and waterproof coats
  • For its solubility characteristics, it is widely used as a stain removing cleaner, and in the manufacturing of solvents (thinner) and paints.

Solvent N°3

An aliphatic solvent made in the Talara and Conchan refineries. Has the specifications of the “Stoddard” solvents: colorless, flammable liquid, with a smell similar to that of kerosene. For its use in the cleaning and in the formulation of articles for the home it was necessary to improve it. As such, it was given a much less intense odor throughout the evaporation range and high inflammation point. Likewise, using chemical processes, certain olefins were removed to give it great chemical stabilities and resistance to rust, qualities which determine their application in the formulation of waxes. This contributes to form thin films and controlled evaporation.


  • Clear and bright aspect, free of water and impurities.
  • Excellent solvent power.
  • Controlled volatility, its initial and final boiling point make it easily recoverable with minimum losses.
  • Great chemical stability that prevents it from rusting.
  • Good dispersant of soaps and detergents used in dry cleaning.
  • Solvent with high inflammation point.


  • Excellent solvent for the dry cleaning industry. Its chemical constitution allows for it to be applied without causing any alteration to the clothes, as it doesn’t affect neither natural nor synthetic fibers. Also, it produces a dispersant action with the soaps, the synthetic detergents and the water used in the dry cleaning process.
  • The manufacturing industry of floor wax, furniture and others finds in this product the ideal solvent for its formulation, as it extends forming films of convenient thickness. This allows the obtaining of uniform products without the inconvenience of residual smells. Also, the waxes formulated with the PETROPERÚ Nº 3 solvent do not damage the surfaces or the finishing where they are applied.
  • It’s used in a wide range of machine cleaning, tool degreasing and similar uses.