Public Tender to select the operator of the South Terminals

Petróleos del Perú - PETROPERU S.A. calls for a Public Tender for the process of selection of the legal person(s), national or foreign, in order to sign the Operating Contract for a term of 20 years for the operation of its storage terminals of fuels from Pisco, Mollendo, Ilo, Cusco and Juliaca, and those that replace them.

Those interested in acquiring the Contest Rules should:

  1. Make the payment for the right to participate in the Contest, which amounts to five thousand dollars of the United States of America (USD 5,000) including IGV (General Sales Tax), amount that must be deposited in Account No. 000-0407628 , CCI 00925900000040762837, in the name of Petróleos del Perú - PETROPERU SA, RUC 20100128218, in Banco Scotiabank (SWIFT: BSUDPEPL).
  2. Send proof of deposit to the e-mail address, along with the details of the contact person, the name of the interested party, address and RUC (national companies) for the issuance of the respective payment voucher, indicating additionally the address of an email for the reception of the Bases.

The Rules of the Contest, in which are the terms and conditions of the process and its annexes, as well as the requirements and guarantees requested for participation in the Contest, will be for sale until April 15, 2019 (modified with Circular N°. CCTS-004-2019) and will be sent by email to the interested parties that proceed to comply with the aforementioned requirements.

You can access additional information at the following link: general conditions

The date and time for the presentation of the proposals will be according to the Schedule of the present Bid.

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