Conchan Refinery


Designed by the Fluor Corporation of Canada, the Conchan Refinery was built over a 50-hectares-terrain located in the 26.5 kilometer of the Panamericana Sur highway, in the district of Lurin, in the department of Lima. It was inaugurated by Conchan Chevron of California in 1961, and in 1973 PETROPERÚ took over its administration.

The primary function of the Conchan Refinery is to process, refine and store products such as gasoline, gasohol for engines, solvents, diesel 2, diesel B5, industrial oils and export-quality asphalts. It has the capability to store the liquid fuels that are sold in a large part of Lima and different points of the country.

Cutting-edge Technology

The Conchan Refinery has a strategic role in the corporate management of PETROPERÚ. Its modern Sales Plant has a loading system for tanker trucks and boasts installations for dispatching fuels, solvents and asphalts. Also, it processes diverse kinds of oils and products such as asphalts, of quality renowned at a national and international level. Added to that, the advanced technology of its laboratory, which certifies the high quality of its products.

The entire productive chain of Conchan Refinery strictly follows the safety standards, caring for the environment and looking after a good corporate management.

Industrial complex

The Conchan Refinery has a Primary Distillation Unit with a daily capacity of 15,500 barrels, and a Vacuum Distillation Unit of 10,000 barrels per day.

Both are controlled through a Distributed Control System that allows the optimization of the refining process and the achievement of high-quality products.

It can store up to 2’051,354 barrels of liquid hydrocarbons and has a multi-buoy dock for serving tanker ships of up to 75,000 DWT.