Aviation Fuels

Turbo A-1

We produce this fuel in the Talara and Iquitos Refineries. The technical specifications of the Petroperú Turbo A-1 are in accordance with the international standard ASTM D-1655.


  • This is a fuel with great thermal stability that works in a wide range of temperatures, which ensures the proper operation of the engine at extreme temperatures.
  • Its low freezing point and light viscosity allows it easy pumping at very low temperatures. This facilitates a proper flow of fuel at high temperatures.
  • Its great caloric power provides the energy necessary for the proper operation of the engine.

Aviation fuel 100 LL

This product is imported by PETROPERÚ under the ASTM D-910 International Standard. Presents very high anti-detonating properties.


  • This is a fuel especially formulated for the use in reciprocating (piston) type aviation engines with short fuselage, such as light aircraft.