Our Integrity System

Acting with ethics and transparency

The Integrity System has the objective of establishing the ethical behavior standard at PETROPERÚ that all the workers, Board Members and Shareholders must follow.

This standard translates in commitments that we assume with our different stakeholders. Likewise, we seek the continuous strengthening of our ethical culture, based on our zero-tolerance policy towards fraud, corruption and any irregular action, applying disciplinary measures to those workers who break the law or act in a dishonest manner.

To this end, we train and educate all of our workers, thus providing the guidelines to act in an upright manner, develop preventive actions and detect irregular actions.

Integrity Code

We have an Integrity Code that is part of our corporate culture and guides the behavior of the workers, in a framework of morality, honesty and ethics in the execution of their work, as well as their personal and commercial relationships, in order to carry out the business strategy and fulfill the mission of PETROPERÚ by always doing what’s right, maintaining their integrity, values and transparency.

The Integrity Code bases the ethical conduct of all workers in commitment. To that end, it collects the commitments that we must always follow with: our Company, our coworkers, clients, the competition, suppliers, the State, the community, the environment and the media.

This way, this document becomes a reference guide, designed to orient the behavior of the workers in the different situations with which they might run into at work. Likewise, with the aforementioned code, PETROPERÚ makes a commitment to carry out its business with the highest legal and ethical standards, understanding that its business behavior must be aligned with a decent and transparent behavior.

The aforementioned article is communicated to the different stakeholders, and is part of the contracts or agreements that under any form or mode are entered into by PETROPERÚ with any natural or legal entity.

Integrity Hotline

The Integrity Hotline is our formal complaints system, which has several communication channels for our workers and citizens in general to be able to report any suspicion or evidence of violations to the Integrity Code and related regulations.

This Integrity Hotline is operated by an independent company, in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter.

PETROPERÚ, through the Integrity Hotline, makes available a web form, an email account, voicemail 24 hours a day every day of the week, a phone central, a P.O. box and personal interviews, for workers and citizens to be able to report any deviation from our behavior standard.

In order to contact the PETROPERÚ Integrity Hotline, please follow the link:


Commitment to Integrity and Fight Against Corruption

On december 12, 2023, the Board of Directors of Petroperú S.A., with the participation of the General Management, signed the Annual Commitment to Integrity and Fight Against Corruption Act through which they commit to supporting the strengthening of a culture of Integrity and fight against corruption in Petroperú S.A.; that allows us to maintain honest and transparent business relationships with all our interest groups, and in general with all citizens.