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Naphthenic Acids

It is obtained by caustic extraction of petroleum distillates, mainly of the kerosene and diesel fractions. This product is subjected to a strict laboratory quality control through the implementation of ASTM tests to ensure the product quality.

PETROPERÚ offers to the market three levels of naphthenic acid:

Naphthenic Acid 250

These products are produced in the Talara Refinery. The naphthenic acid 250 is the most requested.

Technical Characteristics
  • Viscous liquid, of amber or brown colour.
  • High flashpoint
  • Soluble in organic solvents and oils, water-insoluble.

Its high degree of reactivity results in great versatility of derivatives. It has multiple applications; the main one is the production of metalic naphthenates for manufacturing:

  • wood preservatives.
  • corrosion inhibitors.
  • drying paints.
  • fungicides.
  • emulsifiers and demulsifiers.