Diesel Ultra

Diesel B5 S-50 is a fuel consisting of a mixture of 95% by volume of Diesel No.2 S-50 and 5% by volume of biodiesel (B100).

Diesel N° 2 S-50

Fuel derived of hydrocarbons and obtained from refinement processes, presents a maximum sulphur content of 50 parts per million.

Biodiesel (B100)

Diesel fuel derived from renewable resources that can be obtained from vegetable oils or animal fats. Contains almost no sulphur.

In our case, the fuel has the commercial denomination Diesel Ultra PETROPERÚ.

Diesel B5 S-50


  • Our B5 S-50 Diesel fuel, called Ultra Diesel, is characterized by a very low level of sulfur in its composition, less than 50 ppm, the sulfur level required by environmentally friendly Euro IV emission engines. It also has high cetane, which allows for a better cold start and a much more comfortable ride.
  • It contains high doses of latest generation additives, which maintain the power of the engine, and prevent dirt from gradually accumulating in the internal parts of the engine, in such a way that the amount of energy that can be harnessed from the fuel is not affected, which reflects in a better economy for the consumer; thanks to the high levels of detergent additives that keep the injectors clean and control the accumulation of deposits in the engine. Also the high levels of additives against corrosion, in addition to prevent the formation of rust on the internal parts of the engine, avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.
  • Our Diesel Ultra also has additives that allow it to repel the water from the fuel, preventing the formation of emulsions, which guarantees an excellent functioning of the engine.
  • The filling time of a car fuel tank with our Diesel Ultra is extremely optimal, thanks to the anti-foam additive it has, which allows the foam to disappear in a short time, thus allowing a faster and more efficient tank filling.

Technical characteristics

  • Much lower sulphur content that, by diminishing the contaminant emissions, favors the protection of the environment.
  • High cetane index that ensures an excellent ignition quality, fast start-up and lower engine noise.
  • Optimum lubricity despite the low sulphur content because of the inclusion of biodiesel.
  • Contains a package of last-generation additives that grants it the following advantages:
    • Cleans the injectors for an optimum pulverization and therefore improves the combustion.
    • Protects the fuel injection pump.
    • Protects against corrosion.
    • Separates the water in an optimum manner, as it contains a demulsifier.
    • Improves performance.
    • Reduces the expenses of maintenance.
    • Extends the life time of the engine.
    • Controls the foam during fueling, which offers better comfort and filling speed.
    • Protects the environment, as it reduces the emission of contaminating gases and unburnt hydrocarbons.


  • In diesel engines of land transportation vehicles (automobiles, trucks, buses and others).
  • In Electric Generation Plants.
  • In equipment for the industry in general (mining, fishing, construction, agricultural sector, among others).
  • In Peru, Diesel B5 S-50 is sold in all the departments where Diesel B5 is not sold: Ancash, Apurímac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco, Huánuco, Huancavelica, Ica, Junín, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, Moquegua, Pasco, Puno, Madre de Dios and Tacna.