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Mission, Vision and Values


To provide high-quality hydrocarbons to the national and international markets, efficiently managing its resources, carrying out its activities with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and sustainability, and developing innovation and socio-environmental responsibility.


To be the leading company in the hydrocarbon Peruvian industry, autonomous and integrated, aimed at the creation of value with efficiency, managing the business in an ethical and sustainable manner with products of international quality and developing responsible effective relationships with the stakeholders.

Values and principles

Our corporate values and principles both identify and guide all the workers of PETROPERÚ towards a behavior that is also the foundation of the development of its activities.

  • Honesty: We will act with transparency and respect.
  • Loyalty: We identify ourselves with the company.
  • Responsibility: We honor the acquired commitments.
  • Solidarity: We care about the well-being of our society.
  • Integrity: We practice what we preach.
  • Internal and external customer satisfaction: We deliver high-quality products and services.
  • Respect: We value the people, institutions and the environment.
  • Continuous innovation and improvement: We seek the development of our products, procedures and processes.
  • Teamwork: We promote workers´ joint effort
  • Social responsibility: We contribute to the development of our workers, their families and the populations located where we operate.
  • Environmental protection: We respect the biodiversity and the right of the population to live in a healthy environment.
  • Transparency: We work with a good corporate practice.
  • Safety: We prioritize work under safe actions and conditions.