T.U.O. of Law 278066

Officials responsible for providing public information

Through Board Agreement 074-2017-PP of July 21 2017, the designation of officials responsible for providing influence was approved, according to their scope of influence:

  • General Secretary, with regards to the main office.
  • Operations Undermanager, with regards to the operations in Talara.
  • Undermanager of the Modernization Project of the Talara Refinery, with regards to the Modernization Project of the Talara Refinery.
  • Undermanager of Selva Refinement, with regards to the Iquitos Refinery.
  • Undermanager of Conchan Refinement, with regards to the Conchan Refinery.
  • Undermanager of North Peruvian Pipeline (NPP) operations, with regards to the operations of the North Peruvian Pipeline (NPP).
Recommendations for the requests of access to public information

When registering the request through the Virtual Electronic Form, it is important to keep in mind the following:

  • Requests should be submitted from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 17:36 a.m. In the case of requests submitted passed office hours, said requests would be processedbut the countdown to establish the   answering timeframe will begin on the next working day.
  • The request for information must be specific and precise, as well as any other data that enables the localization or facilitates as to  search for the requested information.
  • It’s not necessary to explain the reasons that sustain the request.
  • The data provided in the form must be true to prevent inconveniences at the time of filing  the request. Although it is  not mandatory, it is  recommended to include a contact telephone number or email, in order to optimize the service.
  • The timeframe for attention is seven (7) workdays, with the possibility to extend this period to five (5) additional workdays upon the request of the area in possession of the information and only in exceptional matters
  • Sending the information through email is free. Handing  simple copies is only done after verifying the payment to cover the cost of the copy, though
  • According to Article 13° of the Single Ordered Text of Law 27806, Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information, the request for information does not imply the obligation of the entities of the Public Administration to either create or produce information they do not holdor are not obligated to hold at the time that the request is made. (…) This law also does notallow the requesters to demand the entities from performing evaluations or analysis of the information they may possess.
  • For any additional queries dial (511) 614-5000 extension 14525. from Monday to Friday,  7:00a.m. -16:36 p.m
Channels of access to the request for public information of PETROPERU

You may access the information of public nature, under the Transparency Law, through:

  • Our Offices of Document Processing at a national level (Lima, Talara, Selva, Conchan and Pipeline).
  • Clicking here.