PETROPERÚ strengthens anti-corruption policy with transparency and efficiency
PETROPERÚ strengthens anti-corruption policy with transparency and efficiency

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of PETROPERU, Carlos Paredes Lanatta, announced the actions that have been implemented in the Company to combat corruption and strengthen the policy of integrity and ethical behavior, based on transparency and efficiency. During his message, addressed to the workers and authorities of the hydrocarbon sector 110 days after taking office, he said that the objective is to transform PETROPERU and turn it into a reference for Peruvian society.

Along these lines, he informed that an agreement has recently been signed with Proética, an emblematic entity in the fight against corruption. Likewise, it has been decided to implement ISO 37001, world standard in anti-bribery issues. He said that detailed information on hydrocarbon purchases has been published on the PETROPERU web portal and that the Integrity System has been strengthened, optimizing the Procedure for the Complaint Response Plan. He noted that, in the coming weeks, independent professionals will be incorporated into the Integrity Committee, which already has an independent president. Additionally, as a result of investigations carried out, civil and criminal actions are provided for cases of fraud against the company.

The senior official stressed that two new milestones of concurrent control of the Comptroller General of the Republic for the PMRT have been requested and that a new investigation will be carried out, by an independent institution, on the allegations contained in the Commission's Final Report Investigator of the Spills of the North Peruvian Pipeline prepared by the Congress of the Republic, however, not having been approved in the Plenary Session of the Congress.

Paredes Lanatta also announced that “the agreements that allow us to correct past mistakes regarding the construction of the PMRT are being analyzed in detail by the Comptroller General of the Republic and will be published shortly, because we will not hide any information. We are breaking with the past, we do not cover the mistakes, rather we put the reflectors to learn from them and not make them again”. He informed that thanks to the Agreements of Principles with Técnicas Reunidas and the Cobra-SCL consortium, in charge of the auxiliary works of the PMRT, the progress of the works has been accelerated, going from 3,900 in April to 7,200 workers in the construction of the new refinery to the date.

On other issues, the official referred to the situation of the North Peruvian Pipeline, warning that thanks to its existence, the oil industry has generated “employment, profits, taxes and a very important flow of resources through the canon for the Amazon, but we also It has produced a significant financial supply of approximately US $ 20 million in the last 10 years - which is aggravated by the constant attacks suffered by the pipeline ”.

In this regard - and after thanking Congress for the enactment of Law No. 30993, which declares the elaboration and execution of the consolidation and modernization project of the North Peruvian Pipeline of national interest -, Paredes Lanatta announced that “we are working with private companies , with Perupetro and with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in the elaboration of a prospective study that includes the elaboration of future scenarios and allows to identify and propose concrete measures that encourage the development of our industry in the Amazon”.

He also said that he has been coordinating with various spokespeople from the Amazon communities to establish and / or expand formal ties of cooperation. "There will be no safe Pipeline without efficient social management, but it is also clear that we require the support of the State in terms of security."

Regarding the financial strengthening of the Company, Paredes Lanatta informed that the injection of private capital is evaluated through a first capital increase, provided for in Law 30130, which will allow a series of investments that the company cannot make today and thus ensure further growth in the future.

He stressed that his management is building a culture respectful of differences, with the same opportunities for all. "We must aspire to have more women in positions of responsibility, including in the Board," he said.

Finally, he was emphatic in pointing out the policy of zero tolerance to harassment and sexual harassment, undertaken to build a company where everyone is respected in their individualities.

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