New Talara Refinery among the best refining projects in the world
Construction of the new Talara Refinery has a progress of over 92% and is progressing towards its completion under strict biosafety protocols.
New Talara Refinery among the best refining projects in the world

PETROPERU's Talara Refinery Modernization Project (PMRT) was recognized as one of the best refining projects in the world, as it was nominated within the hydrocarbon processing awards, delivered by the specialized medium Hydrocarbon Processing.

In the refining projects category, the Visakh Refinery Modernization, in India, was awarded with an approximate investment of 3,000 million dollars to process 9 million tons of fuels per year. In the case of the PMRT, the investment and scale of this project was highlighted, which will allow to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the emblematic Talara Refinery that stopped operating last year, to provide for the new and modern Talara Refinery.

The construction of the new Talara Refinery is in its last stage and to date it has registered an integral progress of 92.88%. It has more than 6,000 workers on site, strictly complying with the protocols approved and established in the surveillance, prevention and control plans of COVID-19 for this project.

The new Talara Refinery is built under the highest international standards that will allow it to produce gasoline, diesel and LPG, with a maximum content of 50 parts per million of sulfur. In addition, it will be able to process heavy crude such as those extracted from the Peruvian jungle, which could not be done in the previous refinery. As well as carrying out the deep conversion of residuals to valuable products (diesel, naphtha and LPG) and from low octane gasoline to high octane gasoline, thanks to its new flexicoking and catalytic reforming units, licensed by Exxon Mobil and Axens, respectively, which constitutes a key factor for its profitability.

The start-up of the process units of the new refinery complex will begin at the end of November 2021 with the Primary Distillation Unit, followed by the other units, and it is estimated that the entire start-up process of the 16 units will be achieved in approximately 4 months, until stabilization is achieved. This according to the updated work schedule, after the temporary suspension due to the pandemic.

Parallel to the progress in construction, PETROPERU's staff - who have been trained to operate the new process units - participate in pre-commissioning activities (no-load tests to verify equipment and systems) and subsequently do so. It will do the commissioning (final tests of the systems), prior to the start-up and start of operations of the new Talara Refinery.

The investment in this project is made with PETROPERU's own resources and does not affect the country's fuel prices, which are governed by supply and demand, according to the Hydrocarbons Law. Likewise, it is important to specify that the financing has not required the State's endorsement.

As you recall, this work was declared of Public Necessity and National Interest, to ensure the preservation of air quality and public health through Law 30130. During its execution it has contributed to boost the economy in the province of Talara and in the Piura region, in addition to generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs.