Perucamaras visit construction site of the New Talara Refinery

Representative of the national business sector confirmed progress with the delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Talara
Perucamaras visit construction site of the New Talara Refinery

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Production, Tourism and Services (Perucámaras), Carlos Durand Chahud, along with a delegation of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Talara, visited the facilities of the New Talara Refinery, which has to date an integral advance of 75.44%.

The participants, who received information on the implemented technologies that will allow the production of Euro 6 quality fuels for commercialization in the country, verified on site the progress in the construction of the new refining complex.

As is known, the New Talara Refinery, which is built to the highest standards in the region, will have 16 new process units that will process 95 thousand barrels of heavy crude oil a day and perform deep conversions from residuals to valuable products (diesel, gasoline and LPG) and low octane gasoline to high octane gasoline. Also, of the five auxiliary units of services and general facilities that will make the new Talara Refinery be in accordance with the demands of the international energy market.

In addition, the participants learned about the investment structure of the project, which amounts to approximately US $ 4700 million, not including the interests of the pre-operational phase, and whose financing has been achieved through loans, bond issuance and PETROPERU's own capital, not receiving investment from the State. With a profitability of between 15 and 20% they agreed on the importance of continuing with the project.

The social management implemented for the benefit of the local population, was an axis that visitors could deepen and answer their questions. The Technical Productive Training Program was highlighted to 200 local women, who awarded the 11 best business projects with seed capital and that has inserted new entrepreneurs into the market and business management seminars aimed at micro and small businessmen from Talamanca; among other initiatives that have allowed to boost the local economy.

The PMRT is the most important investment project in the energy sector and its priority execution was declared of public necessity and national interest through Law No. 30130, in order to ensure the preservation of air quality and public health; achieving economic benefits in health and energy security.