PETROPERU announces zero tolerance against corruption policy
PETROPERU announces zero tolerance against corruption policy

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of PETROPERU, Carlos Paredes Lanatta, announced during his speech for the 50th Anniversary of the Company, the approval of a long-term Inter-Institutional Cooperation Framework Agreement with Proética (Peruvian chapter of Transparency International), a recognized entity that promotes public transparency and the fight against corruption.

The agreement aims to strengthen and strengthen the integrity and ethics system in the Company; since it will allow to receive technical assistance and information exchange to improve and transparent the contracting processes and anti-corruption surveillance systems; and also to generate mechanisms that mitigate acts of corruption and, therefore, the strengthening of internal control.

With this important agreement, PETROPERU reaffirms its commitment to the country and its workers in the fight against corruption and seeks to lay the foundations for making the state oil company a large company in the service of the country.

On the other hand, Paredes Lanatta reported that the Company is in the process of ISO 37001 certification, in order to combat bribery and promote an ethical culture. He also stressed that the Administration is taking actions to correct past mistakes and bad practices in order to strengthen the Company.

As part of its Corporate Governance policy, PETROPERU has an Integrity Committee, which acts on the basis of a Code of Ethics and has an Integrity Line for the confidential reception of internal or external complaints to the Company (a position of an independent entity).

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