PETROPERU delivers a thousand packages with food for the vulnerable population of Talara
PETROPERU delivers a thousand packages with food for the vulnerable population of Talara
Next week, it will deliver more than 25,000 units of biosecurity equipment for the staff of the Health Center II - Carlos Vivanco Mauricio.

PETROPERU reaffirmed its solidarity and commitment to the Talara community by delivering a thousand packages of non-perishable food to vulnerable families in poverty and extreme poverty in this city, who have been facing a difficult situation during the declared State of Emergency. to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The delivery ceremony was attended by the Provincial Mayor of Talara, José Vitonera Infante and the Manager of the Talara Refinery Project, Jorge Alméstar Mauricio, who underlined the social actions carried out by the state company, joining the efforts of the national government during this health emergency. "PETROPERU is present through its social responsibility program because we feel part of this community, a neighbor that manifests itself above all in difficult situations such as this pandemic that has been economically affecting the population."

Likewise, the representative of the oil company stated that it is coordinating the delivery, over the next week, of 25,000 units of biosafety equipment for the doctors, nurses, technicians and personnel of the Health Center II - Carlos Vivanco Mauricio. The allocation of 5,000 rapid tests COVID-19 will be carried out in the first days of May, considering that they are imported products whose acquisition processes are carried out in a period of approximately 45 days.

For his part, Mayor José Vitonera thanked PETROPERU for being the first company to respond to the commune's call and join support initiatives that allow the city to better face COVID-19. In addition, he specified the procedure that they are executing to ensure a transparent distribution, in accordance with the decrees of the Central Government and subject to the controls of the corresponding institutions.

Use of delivery sign-up sheets

In order to avoid duplication in the delivery of groceries, a delivery protocol has been established that will include the signature of sign-up sheets by the beneficiaries, as well as the registration of the delivery of the packages.