PETROPERÚ holds a new relationship meeting with native communities
Agreements were reached for cleaning and weeds collection work around the Iquitos Refinery pipeline.
PETROPERÚ holds a new relationship meeting with native communities

Within the framework of its relationship policy with the communities near the Iquitos Refinery, PETROPERÚ held a new meeting with the main leaders of seven communities, seeking agreements to optimize the cleaning work in the areas surrounding the pipeline of the aforementioned plant, which includes brush removal and weeding.

This work, subject to community relations agreements and the Social Responsibility Plan managed by the state company, strengthens ties with the communities of Barrio Florido, Costanera, Astoria, Independencia, El Milagro, Santa Clotilde and Santo Tomás, since it provides job generation for their inhabitants.

At the same time, PETROPERÚ has been carrying out trainings for the residents of the Iquitos Refinery pipeline area, related to the Environmental Legislation and Safety Associated with the Right of Way, which allows them to identify possible dangers and risks in cases of contingencies.

These trainings also seek to promote the care of biodiversity, offering knowledge to the participants so that they can monitor the state of water, soil and natural resources.

It should be noted that the Iquitos Refinery pipeline, along its route underground to the Sales Plant, adjoins various communities that it has always considered its best neighbors, seeking to implement activities that affect the improvement of their living conditions. life.