PETROPERU joins activities for the national Bicentennial
PETROPERU joins activities for the national Bicentennial

PETROPERU has been actively participating in the activities for the 200 years of national independence and, together with the National University of Music (UNM), has joined the competition to compose - with lyrics and music - the Hymn of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru.

The contest's qualifying jury, made up of the writers Maritza Núñez and Eduardo Hopkins, and the musicologist Aurelio Tello, chose María Victoria Vásquez Córdova as the winner, who under the pseudonym “Giocondarespira” presented her work entitled “Hymn of the Bicentennial”. She was awarded a prize of 10,000 soles, as well as a trophy and diploma.

The winning letter stood out, according to the members of the jury, for its literary quality, originality, musicality and exaltation of ethical values.

The second stage of the contest includes composing the music for the anthem, which is available to the contestants through the UNM website

The bases stipulate that the work must have a solemn character and not necessarily martial; Furthermore, it must be presented in the format of voice and piano accompaniment.

The composer of the winning work will receive the PETROPERU Award, which includes a monetary award, a trophy and a diploma.

The reception of works and virtual registrations runs from September 21 to October 15.

The presentation of all the works will be virtually. More information in the following link:

For further inquiries you can write to

It should be noted that this event is sponsored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Peruvian Board of Music and Radio Filarmonía.