PETROPERÚ joins the Peruvian Association of Renewable Energies
It is the first company in the State and in the hydrocarbon sector to join an association that is committed to the development of renewable energies, sustainability and environmental protection.
PETROPERÚ joins the Peruvian Association of Renewable Energies

In line with its strategic plan and its commitment to environmental sustainability, PETROPERÚ joined the Peruvian Association of Renewable Energies (SPR, in Spanish), a non-profit organization that brings together more than thirty companies and organizations that are committed to the development of energy non-conventional renewables and intervene in its value chain.

The President of the SPR, Brendan Oviedo Doyle, highlighted the entry of PETROPERÚ as being an important milestone in the country, since it is the first company in the hydrocarbon sector and the State to be part of this association that promotes development and research on renewable and clean energy resources and related technologies for the decarbonization of the industry, with the aim of contributing to sustainable economic development, the efficient and decentralized use of energy resources, and the mitigation of climate change. “It fills us with joy and excitement to have PETROPERÚ as an associate, it is an extraordinary indicator of where the company is going. This entry marks a milestone and sends a very encouraging message to the sector and the government,” he said.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of PETROPERÚ, Eduardo Guevara Dodds, pointed out that this is an important step for the company that, following the global trend set by large oil transnationals that have decided to invest and develop renewable energies as part of their strategies decarbonization, has already been making profound changes to strengthen itself as an energy company that contributes to the sustainable development of the country.

Guevara Dodd reported that the Innovation, Development and New Business Management has recently been implemented, which is in charge of identifying and designing new business opportunities, based on the adoption of renewable technologies, capacity maintenance, and process optimization. and the strengthening of new knowledge, in order to contribute to the corporate strategy in a context of change. “This is a process that sooner or later will happen and PETROPERÚ has a role in it. Our presence in the SPR will encourage other State institutions to also participate as partners”, he added.

The SPR brings together renowned companies in the electricity sector and civil society organizations that are committed to the development of non-conventional renewable energies, such as solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biomass and small hydroelectric energy. With its incorporation, PETROPERÚ will participate in the debates that are generated around the public policies of the energy sector with authorities and opinion leaders, as well as in the working committees of the SPR, in which a legal and regulatory framework is promoted that allow the development of non-conventional renewable energies on equal terms with other sources of electricity generation.