PETROPERU presented its main projects in INGEPET 2018

PETROPERU presented its main projects in INGEPET 2018

PETROPERU participated in the IX International Seminar on "Exploration, Exploitation, Processing and Transport of Hydrocarbons" (INGEPET), an event in which it presented the progress of its main projects such as the construction of the New Talara Refinery, the Modernization of the North Peruvian Pipeline (ONP) and its participation in the upstream.

During the Forum entitled "Infrastructure and Modernization for the Hydrocarbons Industry" Mr. Gustavo Navarro, Commercial Manager, spoke about the opportunities for improvement in the hydrocarbons sector, among which he highlighted the need to have deep conversion processes in the refining, the construction of pipelines to face the constant closures of ports, as well as continue optimizing the quality of the fuels that are produced. The official stressed the importance of promoting energy investment for the economic development of the country.

Also, Eng. Manuel Ugaz Burga, Pipeline Manager, presented the Modernization Plan of the ONP, which has the premise of overcoming the technological gaps to optimize its management. The process has been carried out in three stages: 1) diagnostic and conceptual engineering, 2) basic engineering; and 3) detail engineering and construction. It has been estimated that the process will be concluded in 2021. Ugaz Burga stressed that the ONP is operational in its hydrocarbon transport activities.

At the same time, he pointed out, some priority works have been started in the pipeline, such as the installation of 21 automatic blocking valves and pressure transmitters in section I and the ORN; replacement of the hardware and upgrade of the SCADA system software (for leak detection); the replacement of the cathodic protection system in 10 sectors and the pumping equipment in Station 1 and Andoas.

On the other hand, Eng. Jorge Alméstar, Manager of the Talara Refinery Modernization Project (PMRT), explained the configuration of the new Talara Refinery project, consisting of 16 process units and 5 auxiliary units. During his presentation he highlighted his technological advantages, among them, which will be the seventh refinery in the world to use flexicoking, the most advanced technology to achieve the highest profitability in the refining industry. He also referred to the processes of management, organization, design, construction, procurement, schedule, costs, as well as the testing and startup of the new refinery; whose start of operation is scheduled for the end of 2020.

PETROPERU also had a large booth in the technological exhibition area, where visitors could get to know more about the hydrocarbon industry, highlighting among its attractions the virtual reality video of the PMRT, in which the advances of the megaproject could be observed.

The IX International Seminar on "Exploration, Exploitation, Processing and Transportation of Hydrocarbons" (INGEPET) is the most important event of the oil and gas industry in Peru, and took place between October 2 and 4 at the Convention Center of Lima.