PETROPERÚ reduces the price of diesel
PETROPERÚ reduces the price of diesel

In relation to the commercialization of fuels, PETROPERÚ informs the public of the following:

  1. PETROPERÚ, as of 10.22.2021, will reduce the list price of Diesel by 0.23 soles / gallon, being the cheapest list price in the market, in order to avoid greater impacts on the economy of sectors sensitive to the price of this fuel. This, despite the fact that, in recent weeks, international prices have had a strong increase due to the speed of demand growth that exceeds the increase in world production. These increases translate into upward variations in local fuel prices, despite the reduction in the exchange rate.
  2. PETROPERÚ reports that the increases in fuel prices in the local market in recent months are explained by a sustained increase in international prices since 2020, due to the economic recovery of industrialized countries for obtaining effective vaccines against the Coronavirus and the lower oil production by OPEC+.
  3. From March fines to August 2021, through supreme decrees issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, vehicular diesel was incorporated into the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC). In this way, the list price of PETROPERÚ for said product took into account the compensation / contribution factors derived from this mechanism and the updating of the price band, which had increases, given the sustained increase in price and exchange rate.

PETROPERÚ reaffirms its commitment to guarantee the supply of the local market with competitive prices, contributing to the development of the country.