New Ilo Terminal


Installation and Operation of a New Terminal in the city of Ilo that allows to satisfactorily meet the current and projected demand of liquid fuels for its area of influence, constituted by the Moquegua and Tacna regions, with prospects to additionally meet the demand of the regions Puno and Madre de Dios. The project has as scope the reception, storage, transfer and dispatch of the following fuels: Diesel B5, Diesel 2E, Gasohol 84, Gasohol 90 and Gasohol 95.


The new Terminal will be located in the area called Loma La Buitrera, district and province of Ilo - Moquegua region (24 kilometers south of the city of Ilo). It will be located in an area of 164,128.20 m2.



  • Reception: Multi-buoy-type mooring for unloading, conformed by 03 underwater lines (diesel, gasoline and ethanol), to market white products. Reception by ships to the multi-buoy-type berth will be designed so that vessels can operate up to 60,000 DWT.

  • Storage: The new ILO Terminal will have an initial storage capacity of 293 MBls of liquid hydrocarbons (7 tanks), in its first stage, to subsequently expand its storage capacity, reaching a total of 1050 MBls (18 tanks).
  • Dispatch to tanker trucks: It will initially have 16 loading arms (initial stage) and then expand up to 19 (second extension). These Bottom Loading arms will serve to dispatch tanker trucks of up to 11,000 gal. The system also considers in-line additivation.
  • Other facilities: System for transferring products from storage tanks to the Sales area will be composed of centrifugal-type electric pumps with an explosion-proof motor.

    Instrumentation, monitoring and control, with state-of-the-art technology, for the reception, storage and dispatch of fuels, fire systems, effluent and waste system, surveillance system, terminal dispatch, billing, among others.

    Fire-fighting system, consisting of vertical steel tanks with aluminum dome for water and bladder tanks for foam; a distribution network, valves, accessories and foam generation chambers.

    Industrial drainage system, freshwater system, electrical facilities (electrical substation connected to the public grid, diesel generator set, lightning rod).

    Plant area is marked off and protected by a brick wall along its perimeter, interior tracks for circulation and parking areas paved with asphalt.

    Roofed areas for fire-fighting pump booth, dispatch pump station, power room and warehouses. Buildings for administrative offices, bank office, sales offices, laboratory, dining room, sentry boxes and watchtowers.

    - Link for the Contracting of the New Ilo Terminal EPC.

    - Link for the Contracting of the New Ilo Terminal EPC Supervision.