Renowned writer Cronwell Jara will lead narrative workshop
Renowned writer Cronwell Jara will lead narrative workshop

The renowned writer, also known as the Story Master, Cronwel Jara Jiménez, returns to his native Piura, to teach the literary workshop Creative Approach to Narrative, which PETROPERU will offer this August 22 and 23, as part of his cultural activities in the area of influence of its operations.

This cultural activity, which is part of the celebrations for the 40 years of the Copé Award, has the support of the University of Piura, through the Academic Program of History and Cultural Management of the Faculty of Humanities. It will take place in two days, from 4 to 6 in the afternoon, in Classroom T21 - Building Communications.

The literary workshop seeks to provide, among other fundamentals, guidelines for a better solvency in the process of creative writing, so that those interested in participating in the next Copé Awards do so taking into account both formal and aesthetic aspects required by each genre literary.

At the end of the workshop, the exhibitor will make a selection of the best texts produced or corrected throughout the two sessions for subsequent virtual publication.

Cronwell Jara is also the winner of the Copé Award, as he won the gold trophy in 1985, at the IV Biennial of Short Story, with the title “La Fuga de Agamenón Castro”.