Station 5 of the North Peruvian Pipeline is liberated - 17
Station 5 of the North Peruvian Pipeline is liberated - 17

After thirteen days of being taken over by a group of residents of the Atahualpa native community and its annexes, on the afternoon of Saturday, August 15, Station 5 of the North Peruvian Pipeline (ONP) was peacefully released.

The cessation of the measure of force was obtained after the meeting held by the protesters with the authorities of the Regional Government of Loreto, in coordination with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and PETROPERU, a dialogue initiative that resulted in important agreements for the closure of social gaps, the main demand of these communities.

In the next few hours, PETROPERU personnel and its contractors, who for safety reasons had been evacuated from the Station after its abrupt takeover on August 2, will gradually return to these industrial facilities to carry out an evaluation of the current state, an action that will count with the presence of representatives of the Public Ministry.

Likewise, it is planned to execute an authorization plan that allows the restart of pumping and safe transport of hydrocarbons, in strict compliance with the security protocols, contemplated in the PETROPERU COVID-19 Surveillance, Prevention and Control Plan.

PETROPERU will continue with the implementation of its High Impact Plan, which includes important development projects to be progressively carried out in the communities neighboring the ONP. Likewise, it ratifies its commitment to the Amazon, where it has been actively supporting the actions implemented by the State for the prevention of COVID-19 and which includes, among others, the acquisition of an oxygen plant for the province of Dátem del Marañón.