The PMRT is ready to resume construction activities
The PMRT is ready to resume construction activities
The surveillance, prevention and control plans against COVID-19 by PETROPERU and its contractors have been approved by the corresponding instances

As part of the corresponding procedures that guarantee compliance with the sanitary measures provided by the National Government for the reactivation of economic activities throughout the country, the surveillance, prevention and control plans of COVID-19 of the Talara Refinery Modernization Project have been approved (PMRT), presented by PETROPERU and its main contractors.

In this sense, in the coming days, the PMRT activities will be restarted progressively in critical areas. The number of workers on site will gradually increase until reaching an approximate of 2,400 workers in this first phase. It should be noted that the PMRT had more than 9,000 workers before the declaration of the State of National Emergency.

All the personnel that will work in the PMRT must go through a rapid test to discard COVID-19 and the respective completion of the symptom sheet. On site, they are obliged to follow the protocols established in the plans approved by the Ministries of Health and Energy and Mines, including the permanent use of protection and biosafety equipment, maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing. The work areas will go through cleaning and disinfection processes, in addition to permanent medical surveillance.

For this resumption of work, the contractor and subcontractor companies will prioritize the summons of the personnel who had been working in the PMRT at the beginning of the State of National Emergency and who have passed the quarantine period in the city of Talara. Additionally, due to the characteristics of the modern refinery complex that is being built, there will be a skilled workforce from Talara and other cities, in accordance with the required profiles and strictly complying with occupational health and safety protocols. It should be noted that these procedures are carried out in line with the provisions of the Community Relations Plan of the Environmental Impact Study of the PMRT.

As part of the protocols implemented, the personnel who are transferred from other cities do so with negative results of a diagnostic test carried out before starting the aforementioned transfer to Talara, in vehicle units that have undergone a disinfection process and respecting the Social distancing, as well as the sanitary recommendations to avoid contagion and the spread of the virus, the same ones that must be maintained in their places of residence and work, low due supervision by their employers.


The construction activities of the PMRT were suspended on March 16, when the State of National Emergency was established throughout the country, keeping only the necessary tasks, linked to the industrial safety of its facilities and equipment, which are continuing. The PMRT has an integral advance of 89.13%, and is entering its last stage of its construction process.