Acquisition of B100 Biodiesel

Results of the Process

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, PETROPERU S.A. awarded the following biodiesel B100 acquisition processes:

  • International Price Competition SCOH-0566-2019 / TENDER-008-2019 convened on February 18, 2019: Import of five (05) shipments of 170 MB each of Biodiesel B100 to GUNVOR INTERNATIONAL BV to be delivered to ports of Mollendo / Conchán / Talara during the period April 2019 - February 2020.
  • Acquisition by Competition COM-003-2019-SCOH / PETROPERU convened on February 18, 2019: Local purchase of 25 MB of Biodiesel B100 at the firm NORDTRAUBE PERU S.A.C., for the Iquitos Refinery, in the period May - September 2019 - ITEM 5.

Reception Certificates

Purchase by Competition COM-018-2019-SCOH/PETROPERU

Errata - invitation letter

Reception certificates

Purchase by Competition COM-003-2019-SCOH/PETROPERU

Adquisición por Competencia COM-009-2018-SCOH/PETROPERU