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Puerto Maldonado sales plant


Consists of the construction of a Sales Plant, with a storage capacity of 111 MB which will then be extended to 167 MB in a second stage, for the dispatch of Diesel B5 and gasoline.


  • Civil and sanitary works.
  • Metalworking works.
  • Fire-fighting system.
  • Equipment for dispatch islands.
  • Furniture and office equipment.

Financing sources: Resources of PETROPERU S.A.

Current situation as of 12.30.2021

  • Comprehensive physical progress is 81.9% vs. 100% scheduled, justified by the economic impact of the contractor for the inclusion of larger work fronts derived from the State of Emergency due to COVID-19.
  • The Procurement and Construction service is in charge of the Tecnitanques contractor, showing a progress of 96.0% in general preliminary works, 77.8% in civil works, 92.0% in mechanical works and 57.0% in electrical works.
  • Use of the right of way to access the plant under review and approval by PROVIAS (95% progress).