Ninacaca sales plant


Consists of the construction of a Supply Plant in Ninacaca-Pasco, with a storage capacity of 7.5 MB of fuel (Phase 1), for the dispatch of Diesel B5 and Gasoline.

The purpose of the sales floor is to avoid the loss of market in the area of influence, due to the closing of the operations of the old Cerro de Pasco Plant, increase the Company's presence in the commercialization of fuels throughout Peru, as well as to strengthen our economic profitability.


  • Land.
  • Buildings.
  • Four liquid fuel storage tanks.
  • Reception and dispatch system.
  • Pipe network with product pumping system.
  • Fire system.
  • Electrical installations and other facilities.

Financing sources: Resources of PETROPERU S.A.

Physical and financial progress

1/ Investment amount reevaluated and approved by Board Agreement Nº 066-2017-PP of 06.26.2017.

Current situation

  • The New Ninacaca Supply Plant, located one kilometer from the district of Ninacaca, at more than 4,100 meters above sea level, in the Pasco Region, registers a 10.75% progress in its construction. This work will satisfactorily meet the current and projected demand for liquid fuels in the central region of the country and will have a storage capacity of 7,500 barrels. In this first phase, priority has been given to the use of local labor.
  • The main activities are currently carried out by the OBS-IMECON Consortium, contractor in charge of the work, among which are the detailed engineering review, earthworks and excavations, which constitute the previous phase to the foundation process of the tanks. storage and buildings.
  • The new Ninacaca Supply Plant will have storage space for 6,104 barrels of water, to be used in its fire-fighting system; which includes motor pumps, tanks, pipe network, sprinklers, monitors, hydrants, detectors, and fire extinguishers.
  • During the construction, the water from the lagoons and rivers of the place has not been used, since the tanker trucks service has been contracted from external sources.