New Talara Refinery


The Talara Refinery Modernization Project is a megaproject of engineering and construction, which consists of the installation of new processes units and facilities oriented to improve the quality of the products, increase the production capacity of the refinery and new more complex processes and more advanced technology. The economic and socio-environmental benefits are the following:

  • Desulfurize fuels.
  • Improve the octane rating of naphthas.
  • Process heavier crudes
  • Decrease the production of residuals.
  • Implement new facilities that the Modernized Refinery will require.
  • Produce cleaner fuels

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  • Feasibility study.
  • Environmental management.
  • Social management.
  • Financial Counseling
  • Interest for Financing.
  • FEED - EPC.
  • PMC - PMO.
  • Complementary facilities.
  • Administrative costs of letter of guarantee.
  • Tariffs for materials and equipment.
  • Improved spent soda treatment.
  • Basic services.
  • Sanitation of operating systems.
  • Acquisition of laboratory equipment.
  • Auxiliary units.

Sources of financing: Resources of Petroperu, Contribution of Capital and Financing.

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Current situation as of 03.31.2021

  • In the period between 03/16/2020 and 06/14/2020, the construction activities of the project were suspended, due to the declaration of the State of National Emergency as part of the measures established by the Government to stop the advance of COVID- 19, maintaining only the activities necessary to protect the industrial safety of the facilities and equipment. In June, the works were progressively restarted, complying with the protocols approved and established in the Project's Plan for the Surveillance, Prevention and Control of COVID-19.
  • The approval of the change proposals of Técnicas Reunidas and Cobra is being processed for the impacts on time and costs caused by the State of National Emergency due to COVID-19.
  • To date, the Master Schedule Level 3 Rev.9 presented by Técnicas Reunidas has been technically accepted and is in the process of being approved by the corresponding levels of PETROPERÚ. For Auxiliary Units, there is an estimate by Cía. CPT Supervisor and is subject to modification when the EPC Cobra-SCL Contractor presents its updated Master Schedule.
  • The EPC Contract of the Process Units, in charge of Técnicas Reunidas (TR), presented an advance of 96.61% and its advance at the component level is as follows:
    • Engineering: 100% (certified).
    • Equipment procurement: 99.96%.
    • Construction: 95.44%.
  • The progress of EPC of the Auxiliary Units and Complementary Works, in charge of the Cobra SCL-UA & TC Consortium, presented an advance of 85.59%, and its progress at the component level is as follows:
    • Engineering: 97.16%.
    • Equipment procurement: 93.36%.
    • Construction: 80.36%.
  • Social Responsibility and Community Relations
    • As of 03.31.2021, the total workforce was 7,983 jobs; unskilled local labor had a 96% share (out of a total of 1,056 unskilled), exceeding the minimum established in the EIS (70%). Meanwhile, local skilled labor had a 36% share (out of a total of 6,927 skilled).