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New Talara Refinery


The Talara Refinery Modernization Project is a megaproject of engineering and construction, which consists of the installation of new processes units and facilities oriented to improve the quality of the products, increase the production capacity of the refinery and new more complex processes and more advanced technology. The economic and socio-environmental benefits are the following:

  • Desulfurize fuels.
  • Improve the octane rating of naphthas.
  • Process heavier crudes
  • Decrease the production of residuals.
  • Implement new facilities that the Modernized Refinery will require.
  • Produce cleaner fuels

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  • Feasibility study.
  • Environmental management.
  • Social management.
  • Financial Counseling
  • Interest for Financing.
  • FEED - EPC.
  • PMC - PMO.
  • Complementary facilities.
  • Administrative costs of letter of guarantee.
  • Tariffs for materials and equipment.
  • Improved spent soda treatment.
  • Basic services.
  • Sanitation of operating systems.
  • Acquisition of laboratory equipment.
  • Auxiliary units.

Sources of financing: Resources of Petroperu, Contribution of Capital and Financing.

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Current situation as of 12.30.2021

  • To date, the Level 3 Master Schedule Rev. 9 is technically acceptedpresented by Técnicas Reunidas and is in the process of approval by the corresponding levels of PETROPERÚ. For Auxiliary Units, there is an estimate by Cía. Supervisora CPT and is subject to modification when the EPC Cobra-SCL Contractor presents its updated Master Schedule. At the same time, it is necessary to indicate that Rev. 10 of the schedule proposed by Técnicas Reunidas.
  • On 11.06.2021, the Framework Agreement II was signed with the contractor Cobra SCL UA&TC, where the delivery dates of the Auxiliary Units are established, as well as the impacts that must be recognized by Petroperú S.A. as a consequence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic during the year 2021 and 2022, among others.
  • The comprehensive progress of the project is 96.75% vs. 99.35% programmed.
  • The comprehensive progress of the EPC Contract signed with Técnicas Reunidas (Process Units) is 98.75%.
    • Engineering progress: 100%.
    • Procurement progress: 99.98%.
    • Construction progress: 98.98%.
    • Commissioning progress: 66.79%
  • The Comprehensive Progress of the EPC Contract with the Cobra SCL UA&TC Consortium is 91.15%.
    • Engineering progress: 99.71%.
    • Procurement progress: 96.26%.
    • Construction progress: 89.46%.
    • Commissioner progress: 22.30%.
  • The total workforce in December 2021 was 4,453 jobs; local unskilled labor had a participation of 96.9% (of a total of 716 Unskilled), exceeding the minimum established in the EIA (70%).