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El Milagro Refinery


MARSCO ENGINEERING, from the USA, designed the Refinery with an initial capacity of 1,400 B/D, and produced 300 B/D of Diesel 2 and 72 B/D of Turbo A-1, and after an expansion carried out in 1884 was able to produce 75 B/D with crude quality Maynas 24.5° API, achieving a better product recovery and great flexibility to process the crude which allowed the satisfaction of the energy needs of the clients, with products and services of excellent quality, contributing to the development of the Northeastern Region and the country.

The El Milagro Refinery processed the crude of Lot 8, with an average quality of the 24th API between April 2010 and July 2011; then, due to the decline in the production level of Maya Crude of Lot 8 (1,700 B/D), operated by Pluspetrol Norte S.A. contract N° 010-2008-MEXT/PETROPERÚ was terminated.

In January 2014, the UDP was put out of service, as there was no crude and there was no price agreement between Pluspetrol y PETROPERU.

Management decisions are expected for its recovery and operation, otherwise there will only be a story to be told of its before and after.